Friday, 24 November 2017

Brand New Episodes Of Steven Universe Are Coming Soon In December

So finally after so many months of waiting, we are about to see the greatest new episodes of steven universe. Steven universe new episodes have already been aired on CN official app but not all of them are released by them and that's why all the fans must wait till December to get remaining episodes which CN will officially be aired on their channel.

After months of silence on the progress of new episodes, the Cartoon Network PR team tweeted a trailer on Monday which revealed that 6 new episodes will be available to stream next week, on November 10, via the Cartoon Network app.

The trailer stars none other than the Boy Gem himself, kicking it on the beach and explaining to Lapis and Peridot where he's been, a.k.a teasing the plot of the next sextet of Steven Universe episodes. It appears as though there will be no shortage of action in this next bunch. According to the trailer, Steven and Connie's relationship will be put to the test, Mayor Dewey's long-standing reign over Beach City will finally be challenged and Steven will form a new band.

The show, which has been praised for its nuanced handling of important themes like relationships, popularity, and prejudice, wrapped up an exciting 4-episode arc last May and has been on a release hiatus ever since, much to the chagrin of its incredibly dedicated fanbase.

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According to a press release from Cartoon Network, next week's episodes will pick up right after the last arc (with the first episode covering Steven's return from Homeworld) and will be available on the CN app before they officially air on TV sometime in December.

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